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Frequently Asked Questions

To make your payment life easier, we have split our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) into parts:

General FAQS

If you have any QUERRY that is not specific, then check here.

Varmstra is visionarms' unit and a P2P payment & financial application platform. It allows individuals,retailers/resellers or businesses to launch an over-the-counter Cross Border Digital Value Services (airtime, data bundles, electricity, gift vouchers and more) recharge in a seamless and efficient way. With varmstra, retailers or resellers or agents or developers/partners can sell recharges to their customers at a marked-up price. Varmstra APIs or developer accounts do all the heavy lifting, all you need is access to a web browser and a working internet connection. Learn more about varmstra’s services and its coverage and active network operators.

We are aware of the challenges you go through to send money, pay your bills and many others after your tight schedules. So, we have done everything possible to make it easier, for our valued customers to be able to make use of any of other products we do offer easier by structuring an online platform that allows any user whether private or business enroll to any of our account types, personals, resellers, agent and partners/developer to send money, top-up, Pay bills across Africa and the world from any smartphones, tablet or a computer or POS terminals.

Opening a varmstra account is free, with no monthly fees or setup costs. You will only be charged for the products you sell. Every time you sell a product, your prepaid account(wallet) will be automatically debited at your personal or reseller or agent rate.

For example, varmstra charges you $1.5 for 200-naira credit of MTN airtime recharge credit. You will be then charge $ 1.5 as a personal account holder or as a reseller or partner we may charge you less, but you charged your customer(s) say $2 for the right to top up a phone for that amount. Your gross profit is therefore $0.50 or a gross margin of 25%.

Varmstra offers four types of account, personal/individual, reseller, agent and developer/partner account and these accounts differs with the person or company depending on the need of the person(s) .

Varmstra personal account is for any person who just wish to use any of varmstra's products or services for self-purpose or to share with family and love ones without any intention to make profit in return.

All varmstra's account signup are free. You just need a valid email address, a working phone number, a username with your Full names as on your government issued Identity card.

Varmstra reseller account is for anyone who intends to resell varmstra's products and services and is willing to share all his/her personal, business or corporate information's for legal reference. It's for freelancers, buy am Selam etc. who what to add some revenue along their businesses and need their bonuses/interest instantly as they trade.

Anyone can become a Varmstra reseller as long as you meet up with the following;

  • You are 18 years and above in age,
    You have valid identification document,
  • If you are a corporate body or registered business, you will need to identify your business or organization with all it legal documents,
  • You will need a proof of Resident Address as a person and a proof of registered address for your business or company if you have one.
  • You will need a proof of fund.

Once you have all the above ready you can visit our website varmstra.com or our mobile apps and signup as a reseller or contact our sales/support team through our support team online or email us at business@varmstra.com or business@visionarms.me and we will be happy to get back to you within 48 hours.

 You must have attained at least 18 years of age to be eligible to sign up for an account with varmstra.

Varmstra do accept any government Issued Identity card depending on your country of resident and the products you intend to use or sell for business such as :

  • International passport
  • Driver's license
  • Local National Government issued ID cards
  • BVN Number/card for Nigerians only
  • Voters card for Nigerians only
  • Nigerian National ID cards
  • Other ID that are recognized by Gov't

Yes, as a varmstra private or reseller or agent account holder you can share/transfer money within verified account holders from any country to any country and from any currency wallet into another using the wallet transfer menu on your dashboard.

No, for now you can only have one main active wallet attached to your varmstra main account which you can use to purchased products available on the platform with exception of our VOICE product, Yourdialer which comes with its own wallet. This main wallet currency is determined and activated by the customer on the first funding

No, we don't advise multiple accounts of any form. However, if you are interested with our reseller account as a personal account holder, then we advise that you upgrade directly from your personal account dashboard to a reseller account by locating the ''upgrade to reseller'' menu and follow the wizard to get migrated/upgraded.

Off course Yes, we are beyond borders. Being innovative digital payment platform that we are with global headquarter in South Africa, we are working very hard to see that our esteemed customers are not limited to new technologies and borders. You just need to proof to us your resident no matter where you are, we have you covered. We understand your need both local and international.

No, you can't at a single click sell multiple products or sell to several persons. But you can sell unlimited products in a day.

All the Promotions found at the dashboard under certain product menus are offers run by receiving-side operators (our partners like MTN, Lyca, Vodafone etc.) to grow their business. Promotions are displayed in the PRODUCT flow. If you want to view any of the available promotions, go to the Promotions page of that product on your dashboard and click on it.

Each product or feature at customers dashboard has its own Transaction history. Most product menu will display their transaction history menu once you click on the product, while for some others you will just need to click on the product menu and check on the product page that displays to check or view your transaction history. So, all you need to view/review any transaction done is by signing onto your account dashboard, then click on a product menu and then on history or transaction menu etc.

Yes, you send money from anywhere to anywhere to anyone in minutes.

International Payments FAQs

Check here if you have any challenge not relating to the products, payment or purchase.

It's very easy. On your account dashboard, go to international payments & click on “global top-up & lifestyle or global topup bronze”, and follow the wizard to choose the service associated with the product you are looking for, such as: Mobile or Electricity, goods & services etc. Enter the prepaid mobile phone or account number (in case of electricity or other products), choose the product value and click “proceed to payments”. For more reference click here

Crediting a prepaid mobile phone abroad (ie making an international, or cross-border, top-up) is a popular way for people living outside their country to send low-cost, high-value gifts to their loved ones back home. It’s an inexpensive way for people to remind their friends and family that they are thinking of them, and it’s a great complement to cash remittances (through traditional channels such as Western Union or Moneygram). Varmstra makes it simple for individuals' & retailers to reach hundreds of mobile operators in more than 160 countries in with plus 940 operators, and to capitalize on demand for international airtime remittance.

To send money abroad, please visit the international Paymnts on your dashboard and follow these steps;

  • Once login click on the international transfers at the left of your dashboard under international payments
  • Now select a transfer type under ''select transfer mode'(bank transfer, mobile money etc.)
  • Follow the on-screen wizards for each case and enter your recipient information's .
  • Choose your payment method and send

You can check this article here you help you further .

Yes, we cover a great number of countries that you can send money to and not just money , varmstra make it possible for its esteemed customers to send money, airtime , pay bills globally and much more.

Oh sorry for that, if you can't find any global product, you can go down the dashboard on to the ''lifestyle & Card'' and then to the Gift card and Virtual card menu. If you can still find it, then contact our support staff using any of our support channels.

Off course Yes, we are beyond borders. Being innovative digital payment platform that we are with global headquarter in South Africa, we are working very hard to see that our esteemed customers are not limited to new technologies and borders. You just need to proof to us your resident no matter where you are, we have you covered. We understand your need both local and international.

We are always charge by our partners for international transactions and so to keep serving you , we need to share these charges with our customers.

Local Payments FAQs

Check here for products, payments and purchase related issues for possible solutions

Presently we do serve Nigeria, Cameroon and South Africa locally online and offline with local products such as utility bill payments, airtime & data recharge, mobile money, bank transfers, insurance services and more at their respective local rates.

Anyone with proof of resident of the country in question you are to purchase it product, with also your registered phone number on our registered proofing that you are from that country. However, there are some exemptions in products like Mobile money products which anyone anywhere can send without the mention proof/

Any product under the listed menus on local payments are considered local products. Local products such as utility bill payments, airtime & data recharge, mobile money, bank transfers, insurance services and more.

No. you must go to local payment menu to access local products so as to benefit from the best rates. Accessing them from international payment menus will cost more. However, if you don't mind the rates, you can go ahead.

Yes, you can. Anyone anywhere including those in our local countries can make use of any of our international payment products so long as you understand it usage. However, note that all international payment products come with some slightly higher rates/charges. 

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