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How To Sign-Up With Varmstra

Subscribing to an online platform that that have been structured to benefit all, is the best thing to think off whether your intentions are to ;

Tip 1: send money across Africa and the world across all devices, smartphones, tablet or computer on the web and app Or POS terminals OR
Tip 2: Make bill payments, Top-up, Premium Calls (VOICE Services) and more locally and globally

Its all free to join us. Varmstra offers four free different account levels ( Individual/personal , reseller, Agent and Developer/Partner) to give its valued customers the freedom to start the journey full of possibilities depending on their needs.

A) General Steps to get started (i-iv)?

We call the following (i-iv) general steps because every level/type of account from personal to developers are required to go through it . They include;.

Ai & ii.)Locating & filling The Registration Form

Add new plugin

Upload plugin

To start, use the following easy steps to get it done :

  • Go to our home page, at the top right end,
  • Click on the Register/signup button found at the top right end on it,
  • On the registration form that pops up, enter all required credentials such as names, country, phone number, username and email address.
  • Now , click on the register button to submit your application for registration,
Upload form
Upload form

Aiii.) OTP Recieved By SMS & Confirmation

After submission of your informations as requested in the registration form , Ai.) above, our platform’s data base will send you an SMS code to the registered phone number you use during the registration process. 

Plugin installation progress
Plugin installation progress

Check your phone for the SMS and you will see an OTP code , enter this code on the OTP verification screen to proceed. If you didnt recieved the code don’t panic, click on the resend OTP button on the same verification screen and you are done.

A iv.)Personal Account Dashboard

  • After entering the OTP code recieved by SMS, And you submit or click on next button you just finalized the registration process for personal account.

That’s it , you will automatically be directed to the personal account dashboard.You can now start benefitting from our loads of products and services.

Create home page
Create home page
You are now open to the world of Possibilities in payments, finance and more.
Setup home page
Setup home page

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